Velcome to the official website of voluntary organization  

ArtEst - Polyaesthetic education 

of disabled youth  

This voluntary organisation was established in September 2005. 

To those who attend it, the centre offers a complex art education, where individual components of art education go in line with each other.

We create conditions for art education of mentally disabled youth actively incorporating them (making them actively participate) in the following:

musical education - playing the musical instruments, singing 

visual arts - painting, drawing, working with clay 

literature, drama and physical activities  - concerts, literary presentations, musicals 


    Within a scope of the integration to the intact environment we have prepared several projects with artists and university students. We participate at workshops, exhibitions and festivals. 

    We work daily in the afternoon hours similar to primary and art schools in the centre of poly aesthetic education in Vystavby 5 in Kosice. 

    Young people from all over the city come to us accompanied by their parents after school or after they finish in specialised centres.


Most important projects that have already taken place:

-    Active participation at the mobile exhibition of art works by people with Down syndrome within the festival called “Urobme si radost” in January 2006 in Bratislava, Kosice and Presov.

 -    Presentation of the activities of the poly aesthetic education in a seminar of a Leonardo da Vinci project:

-    Neformalne vzdelavanie v socialnej sfere (Informal education in the social sphere)

-    Presentation of the art works and crafts at Abov folk arts festival

-    Presentation of the results of the poly aesthetic education of the disabled youth in the methodological and educational centre in Presov for the teachers of special needs schools  in the Kosice and Presov region

-    Establishment of a library for disabled youth within the premises of CentreArtEst in Vystavby 5, Kosice was realised thanks to the grant support of Foundation PRO CASSOVIA

-    Adaptation of the work of A.S.Exupery: The Little Prince in cooperation with the musical students of the department of humanities and natural sciences of the Presov University.

-    The project originated with the grant support of “Kultura bez barier Konta Orange”

-    Thesis project of the final year student of the department of music of the faculty of humanities and natural sciences of Presov University – musical fairy tale Swan princess.

-    University of Presov, 

-    Methodology-educational centre,

-    Local authority centre

-    Slovak Down Syndrome Community

-    Department of healing education Komensky University in Bratislava

-    Primary art schoolBernolákova 26 in  Košice,

-    Special needs primary and vocational schools 


We participate at the European educational projects Leonardo da Vinci and Sokrates Gruntvig 


Thank you for your interest and we ´re looking forward to cooperate